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Скачать приложения от Flyme 7 вы можете у нас на канале телеграмм SEE-ME: @meizu_seeme

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Flyme 7 Gloabal Stable has been released for Meizu M5 Note, MX6, Pro 7 & Pro 7 Plus and it will be released for Meizu M6 Note and Pro 6 Plus soon. Rest supported devices will also get it gradually. Currently, Flyme 7 Beta Testers Recruitment for M6 Note and Pro 6 Plus is on and it will last till 26th June, so apply now here.

Until your phone get Flyme 7G Stable, you can download the stock apps of Flyme 7G Stable from here and try them.

I am not sharing all the apps as all apps will not work in your phone like-

  1. Flyme 7 Launcher is too buggy in some devices and it even can’t be Restored to previous version (Flyme 6).
  2. Dialer app will not work in all phones and there is also nothing new in this app.
  3. MusicFX may lead to UI crash. My M5 Note’s UI crashed and i was not able to see anything on screen, just black screen after installing MUSIC FX.
  4. Camera app will only work in M5 Note as i extracted the apk from M5Note’s update.zip.
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If still any of the apps will not work in your phone, you can easily restore to previous version by-

Settings -> Apps -> All Apps -> App Name -> Restore

Flyme 7 is the official upcoming firmware update for the Meizu smartphones. Flyme OS version 7 packs a whole lot of features and apps. It includes upgraded apps such as the improved Camera APK, Music FX, File manager, Flyme 7 Lab App, Flyme 7 Assistant, Gallery Apps, Gaming Center, and much more. New features of Flyme 7 can be experience using the latest launcher and stock wallpapers. The new OS may most likely bring Android 8.0 Oreo with new security patch to Meizu phones. So download and install Flyme 7 Launcher, stock wallpapers, and APK files.

The software development team from Flyme OS have already released the stable version of Flyme for most of the Meizu devices. The manufacturer has also begun recruiting for the Flyme 7 Public Beta program with eligible devices such as Meizu PRO7, PRO7 Plus, M5 Note, and MX6. Other devices will receive the same later this year with stable version of Flyme 7 OS.

However, it is not clear as to when the public version of Flyme 7 OS will be available for download. Meanwhile, you can still try out the new Flyme 7 features right now on your own Meizu devices. Here we have listed Flyme 7 Launcher, stock wallpapers, and the official Flyme 7 apps readily available for download. It won’t bring the latest Android 8.0 Oreo to your device, but will definitely give you the idea as to how your phone’s next UX will look like.

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Download Flyme 7 Launcher

The Flyme 7 Launcher is now available for download. The launcher won’t give you all the features of Flyme 7, as a launcher does not consists of Android upgrades. It may simple replace the skin or user interface items such as dashboard, app icons, app drawer, and the accent colors. For a complete Flyme 7 experience, you will also need to install the Flyme 7 stock apps listed below. For now, you can download the Flyme 7 launcher and install it right away.

Download Flyme 7 wallpapers

The Flyme 7 stock wallpapers are now available for download as well. There are two sets of wallpapers. One is a UHD 4k resolution pack and the other is a Full HD pack. Download extract, and set as wallpaper.

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